Publications: Consumption Prediction

Evolutionary model construction for electricity consumption prediction

Nowadays the ever-increasing energy consumption in buildings has caused supply shortages and adverse environmental impacts. The accurate prediction of energy consumption in smart buildings may help

Evolutionary Multi-objective Ensemble Learning for Multivariate Electricity Consumption Prediction

Energy consumption prediction typically corresponds to a multivariate time series prediction task where different channels in the multivariate time series represent energy consumption data and va

Multivariate electricity consumption prediction with Extreme Learning Machine

In this paper, Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) is shown to be a powerful tool for electricity consumption prediction, demonstrated by its competitive prediction accuracy and superior computational

Multi-resolution Selective Ensemble Extreme Learning Machine for Electricity Consumption Prediction

We propose a multi-resolution selective ensemble extreme learning machine (MRSE-ELM) method for time-series prediction with the application to the next-step and next-day electricity consumption p

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