Publications: Data Mining

U&I Aware: A Framework Using Data Mining and Collision Detection to Increase Awareness for Intersection Users

An intersection safety system should adapt to the particular characteristics that identify an intersection, by mining traffic and collision data. Given the large amount of sensor data that are ob

Learning spatiotemporal patterns for monitoring smart cities and infrastructure

Recent advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) have changed the way we interact with the world. The ability to monitor and manage objects in the physical world electronically makes it possible to b

Mining human mobility patterns from pervasive spatial and temporal data

Recent advances in communication, sensors and processors have made pervasive systems more computationally powerful and increasingly popular. These systems are deployed everywhere all the time while

Context-aware mobility analytics and trip planning

The study of user mobility is to understand and analyse the movement of individuals in the spatial and temporal domains. Mobility analytics and trip planning are two vital components of user mobilit

Evolutionary multivariate time series prediction

Multivariate time series (MTS) prediction plays a significant role in many practical data mining applications, such as finance, energy supply, and medical care domains. Over the years, various predi

Modelling dynamics of urban mobility for predictive surveillance of crime

The study of urban dynamics is to understand and analyse the dynamic properties of a city in the spatio-temporal domain. It includes the daily routines of the inhabitants, their movement patterns, g

Spatiotemporal data mining: a survey on challenges and open problems

Spatiotemporal data mining (STDM) discovers useful patterns from the dynamic interplay between space and time. Several available surveys capture STDM advances and report a wealth of important prog

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