Publications: Genetic Programming

Heuristic evolution with Genetic Programming for Traveling Thief Problem

In many real-world applications, one needs to deal with a large multi-silo problem with interdependent silos. In order to investigate the interdependency between silos (subproblems), the Travelin

Learning Risky Driver Behaviours from Multi-Channel Data Streams Using Genetic Programming

Risky driver behaviours such as sudden braking, swerving, and excessive acceleration are a major risk to road safety. In this study, we present a learning method to recognize such behaviours from

Phone based fall detection by genetic programming

Elderly people are prone to fall due to the high rate of risk factors associated with ageing. Existing fall detection sys- tems are mostly designed for a constrained environment, where various as

Genetic Programming for Channel Selection from Multi-stream SensorData with Application on Learning Risky Driving Behaviours

Unsafe driving behaviours can put the driver himself and other people participating in the trac at risk. Smart-phones with builtin inertial sensors o er a convenient way to passively monitor the

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