Publications: Machine Learning

Multi-resolution Selective Ensemble Extreme Learning Machine for Electricity Consumption Prediction

We propose a multi-resolution selective ensemble extreme learning machine (MRSE-ELM) method for time-series prediction with the application to the next-step and next-day electricity consumption p

Multivariate electricity consumption prediction with Extreme Learning Machine

In this paper, Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) is shown to be a powerful tool for electricity consumption prediction, demonstrated by its competitive prediction accuracy and superior computational

Context-aware mobility analytics and trip planning

The study of user mobility is to understand and analyse the movement of individuals in the spatial and temporal domains. Mobility analytics and trip planning are two vital components of user mobilit

Building utilisation analytics: human occupancy counting and thermal comfort prediction with ambient sensing

With advancement in sensors and the Internet of Things, gathering spatiotemporal information from one’s surroundings has become more convenient. There are multiple phenomenological behaviours,

Three-dimensional vectorial holography based on machine learning inverse design

The three-dimensional (3D) vectorial nature of electromagnetic waves of light has not only played a fundamental role in science but also driven disruptive applications in optical display, microscop

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