Publications: Patrolling

Incorporating LSTM Auto-Encoders in Optimizations to Solve ParkingOfficer Patrolling Problem

The smart parking system is one of the most important problems in smart cities. Recently, an increasing number of sensors installed in parking spaces provide big spatio-temporal data which be used

Multi-officer Routing for Patrolling High Risk Areas Jointly Learnedfrom Check-ins, Crime and Incident Response Data

A well-crafted police patrol route design is vital in providing community safety and security in the society. Previous works have largely focused on predicting crime events with historical crime da

Realtime Predictive Patrolling and Routing with Mobility and Emergency Calls Data

A well-planned patrol route plays a crucial role in increasing public security. Most of the existing studies designed the patrol route in a static manner. Situations when rerouting of patrol path

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