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Building utilisation analytics: human occupancy counting and thermal comfort prediction with ambient sensing

With advancement in sensors and the Internet of Things, gathering spatiotemporal information from one’s surroundings has become more convenient. There are multiple phenomenological behaviours,

Situation inference and context recognition for intelligent mobile sensing applications

The usage of smart devices is an integral element in our daily life. With the richness of data streaming from sensors embedded in these smart devices, the applications of ubiquitous computing are li

FADACS: A Few-shot Adversarial Domain Adaptation Architecturefor Context-Aware Parking Availability Sensing

Existing research on parking availability sensing mainly relies on extensive contextual and historical information. In practice, the availability of such information is a challenge as it requires

CoSDEO 2016: Contact-free ambient sensing - Welcome and committees:Welcome message from the CoSDEO 2016 workshop co-chairs

Inferring Transportation Mode and Human Activity from Mobile Sensing in Daily Life

In this paper, we focus on simultaneous inference of transportation modes and human activities in daily life via modelling and inference from multivariate time series data, which are streamed from

UTE: A Ubiquitous Data Exploration Platform for Mobile Sensing Experiments

In this paper, we present Ubiquitous daTa Exploration (UTE), a mobile sensor data collection, annotation and exploration platform. Our platform facilitates rapid prototyping of data mining experi

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