Drone-as-a-service composition under uncertainty

Publication Year: 2021 Publication Type : JournalArticle


We propose an uncertainty-aware service approach to provide drone-based delivery services called Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS) effectively. Specifically, we propose a service model of DaaS based on the dynamic spatiotemporal features of drones and their in-flight contexts. The proposed DaaS service approach consists of three components: scheduling, route-planning, and composition. First, we develop a DaaS scheduling model to generate DaaS itineraries through a Skyway network. Second, we propose an uncertaintyaware DaaS route-planning algorithm that selects the optimal Skyways under weather uncertainties. Third, we develop two DaaS composition techniques to select an optimal DaaS composition at each station of the planned route. A spatiotemporal DaaS composer first selects the optimal DaaSs based on their spatiotemporal availability and drone capabilities. A predictive DaaS composer then utilises the outcome of the first composer to enable fast and accurate DaaS composition using several Machine Learning classification methods. We train the classifiers using a new set of spatiotemporal features which are in addition to other DaaS QoS properties. Our experiments results show the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed approach.


@article{hamdi2021drone, title={Drone-as-a-service composition under uncertainty},
    author={Hamdi, Ali and Salim, Flora D and Kim, Du Yong and Neiat, Azadeh Ghari and Bouguettaya, Athman},
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