ProMETheus: An Intelligent Mobile Voice Meeting Minutes System

Publication Year: 2018 Publication Type : ConferenceProceeding


In this paper, we focus on designing and developing ProMETheus, an intelligent system for meeting minutes generated from audio data. The first task in ProMETheus is to recognize the speakers from noisy audio data. Speaker recognition algorithm is used to automatically identify who is speaking according to the speech in an audio data. Naturally, speech recognition will transcribe speakers’ audio to text so that ProMETheus can generate the complete meeting text with speakers’ name chronologically. In order to show the subject of the meeting and the agreed action, we use text summarization algorithm that can extract meaningful key phrases and summary sentences from the complete meeting text. In addition, sentiment analysis for meeting text of different speakers can make the agreed action more humane due to calculating the relevance score of each course by the sentiment and attitude in text tone. The ProMETheus is capable of accurately summarizing the meeting and analyzing the agreed action. Our robust system is evaluated on a real-world audio meeting dataset that involves multiple speakers in each meeting session.


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