Special issue on vehicles as sensing devices: from observations to actionable insights

Publication Year: 2021 Publication Type : JournalArticle


With the development of sensing and wireless communication technologies, recent years have witnessed a wide spectrum of vehicles including taxis, buses and logistical vans, equipped with a number of pervasive devices (e.g., GPS antennas, radar, camera, personal smartphones). As a result, they are able to continuously report their visiting positions and driving status to the data center at a reasonably temporal and spatial resolution. This data possesses unique and valuable characteristics, such as ubiquitousness, continuousness, large-scale and good coverage in both space and time. Hence, the sensor-equipped vehicles on the road surfaces are able to become one kind of powerful yet cost-efficient device for urban sensing tasks, especially for those sensing objects with strong spatiotemporal dynamics in the city. Generally, the sensing tasks can range from real-time traffic road conditions to operation behaviours of vehicle drivers.


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